We're bringing meritocracy to private markets.

There is a direct connection between the companies who perform the best and the ones who are connected to Incued.

Real Time Financial Insights and Analytics
Accounting data sets the foundational truth for any company, portfolio, or market.

Accurate accounting data builds trust between startups and GPs, and between GPs and LPs.

Incued enables such communication and allows for productive dialogues, queries, and responses, which in turn help to deepen the investor/founder relationship.

What Makes Us Different

A lightweight addition to your stack.

We've automated everything from the onboarding to reporting- simplicity is our mantra. Send one email to your portfolio and never hassle them again for monthly or quarterly reports.


Empower data-driven investors to speak intelligently and engage meaningfully with their portfolio companies and stakeholders.

Create the norm of trust and meritocracy in the private markets.


Meet The Team
Josh Furstoss
Josh Furstoss
Chief Executive Officer
Ameer Akashe
Ameer Akashe
Chief Technology Officer

Frequently asked questions

Why is Incued free?

Standard plans are free because that allows us to share our tool with the most people and create a new standard in the industry. (See what we did there?) Our Pro plan allows founders to make critical decisions and reduce total time spent on investor relations, and we think thats worth something.

Is my data secure?

Incued has SOC 2 certification. SOC 2 compliance is a third-party certification which confirms that Incued has controls in place that meet industry standards for security, privacy, availability, confidentiality and processing integrity on how customer data is managed.

How many portfolio companies can I add?

Incued can host all of your portfolio companies in one place. You can invite multiple portfolio companies at once, using our bulk invite. You can invite an unlimited amount of companies. Contact sales@incued.com for more information.

How often is the data refreshed?

Reports or investor updates are pulled on a monthly basis with the preceding years' numbers.

How do I know the data is accurate?

All information is self-reported or is pulled in directly from the accounting software used by the portfolio company via an API.

Incued currently supports Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero, Oracle Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365.