3 Ways Incued Increases ROI

Knowing how your portfolio is performing shouldn't be complicated. That's why we created Incued. With Incued, you can effortlessly assess the health of your portfolio, minimize risks, and seize lucrative opportunities with ease.

But how does monitoring portfolio health directly impact your ROI? Here are three ways that Incued can enhance your ROI:

  1. Incued saves you valuable time, by dramatically reducing the time to get from analysis to action. Evaluating potential investments, companies, or deals requires substantial groundwork. In the venture space, our research revealed that the most time-consuming task was the process of requesting financial information and plugging those points into a financial model every month.

This ongoing process can consume up to 50% of their work week, as data must be collected and analyzed before decisions are made. Leading firms may have multiple teams working simultaneously, resulting in months of effort and significant expenses.

Let’s say Jennifer Analyst at Big Bucks VC makes $72,000 a year. Big Bucks VC has 2 funds and 70 total portfolio companies. She most likely will spend 3 months of the year collecting data points and translating them into workable financial models. That is 25% of the year, or $18,000, spent on data collection - we haven’t even gotten to making decisions yet!

Incued eliminates this legwork by providing accurate and reliable data directly from the portfolio company's accounting software. Imagine effortlessly identifying the perfect time to participate in pro-rata rounds because you have been diligently monitoring a high-performing company all along.

  1. Incued was built for efficient portfolio monitoring at scale.While the human mind is powerful, it has limitations when it comes to recalling vast amounts of information. When your fund expands to include dozens or hundreds of portfolio companies, it becomes increasingly challenging to remain intimately knowledgeable on the operations and performance of each portfolio company. By automating the reporting process, Incued ensures you don't miss any opportunities, even as your fund grows.

As your fund scales, you need a tool that will scale with you.

  1. Incued allows you to do more, with less.Imagine the impact on your fund if your talented team(s) focused on providing strategic value to your portfolio companies instead of spending their time on data collection and aggregation. By giving the administrative work to Incued, your team(s) can become advisors, mentors, and advocates who are nurturing your portfolio companies.
  2. Easily monitor portfolio health, save time, scale your operations, and maximize the value you bring to your portfolio companies.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact to level up.

Incued automatically collects data from portfolio companies to reduce reporting time for everyone involved. Phew.
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