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Frequently asked questions

Will my companies connect their accounting software after I invite them?

It is a very simple process to connect accounting software data to Incued, it takes less than 5 minutes. Our CX team is seasoned in helping you tailor the onboarding strategy and messaging so that founders are comfortable in the process.

What if we don't have information rights?

It's common for follow-on investors to include a side letter requesting this right. We have a side letter template and a sample of an information rights clause should you need it. Financial information can also be shared voluntarily by the founder. For investors, it is a best practice to include information rights in your deals.

What if my portfolio company doesn't have a formal accounting software?

While some companies are too early for accounting software, most that take on investment should use one to keep their books in order and set a strong financial foundation to their organization. We would be happy to recommend a software that is right for them and connect your portfolio company with our network of CPAs.

Why would my portfolio companies connect their financials?

Incued provides the portfolio companies with these main benefits:

  • Organize critical data necessary for investor relations
  • Automate investor reporting
  • See the performance of their own company at any given time

For a more extensive list, please see our article on “Why should I share my monthly financials with my investor?

What are the ownership rights to the data?

The portfolio company owns their financial data. Incued does not see your data.

A portfolio company will see only their own financial data and can control who they choose to grant access to their financial data.

Are you SOC-II compliant?

Data security is very important to us. All data is encrypted and we actively monitor for threats and access in our cloud and data environments. We have a Letter of Attestation from our SOC-II auditor available upon request.

How do I get live financial data from my portfolio companies?

Step 1: Invite 1 or more portfolio companies to Incued using “Add New Company” button in top right corner of your Portfolio Overview dashboard.

Step 2: Your portfolio company immediately receives an invitation email and their administrator enters in accounting software login credentials.

Thats it! Never request financials again.

How do I know the data is accurate?

The data is pulled in directly from the accounting software used by portfolio company via an API.

Incued currently supports Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


How often is the data automatically refreshed?

Since the data is populated via API from the account software, the data is instantaneously and constantly refreshed. All numbers you see are updated in real-time. Reports are pulled on a monthly basis.

How many portfolio companies can I add?

Incued can support dozens or thousands of companies in and across multiple portfolios. This amount is customized with your Incued Account Manager.

You can also invite multiple portfolio companies at once, using our bulk invite.

How much does Incued cost?

Incued is priced per portfolio company. Discounts are offered as portfolio size increases. To get a quote, please contact