Faster Investor Reporting

Research-backed, lightweight investor updates. Finish one in minutes.

Update Investors

All your portfolio's updates in one place; compare, analyze, and report.

Manage Metrics

Accounting integrations with portfolio companies to provide fast, accurate data.

Share Data Rooms

Instant access to Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Monthly Updates & more


Bring in all your data automatically

Manually enter your information if you prefer.


Manage, edit & adjust metrics at-will

Override metrics from business APIs, and backfill any missing data easily.


Engage with investors & stakeholders in one place

Hide or show comments to motivate your investors and silence naysayers.

Bring in all your data automatically.

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Autofill Data

Engage with investors in one place.

Manage, edit, & adjust your metrics at-will.

Encrypted data room

Structured data rooms built for early stage founders

Full access control

Track engagement

End-to-end encryption

2-factor authentication

Fundraising is a lot easier when your existing investors like you.

Every startup with less than $1M in revenue gets full use of the platform for free.

Make Investors Brag

Founders love sending updates through Incued.

“Been using it for a couple of months now! Free data room + easiest way to keep our investors updated.”

Sarah Blythe, Co-Founder CEO,

“Great product, highly recommend everyone sign up and check it out.”

Al Lagunas, CEO, Levee

“Hands down the simplest way to provide granular investor updates.”

Patrick Spallone, CEO, Carwisely

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Free Forever

Ideal for early stage companies

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Investor Update Builder
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Encrypted Data Room
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Metrics Manager
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Accounting & Banking APIs
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Stakeholder viewing permissions
Build your first report
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Choose your integration.

Popular accounting platforms including Quickbooks, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Netsuite, and Freshbooks. More integrations are coming soon.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Incued free?

Standard plans are free because that allows us to share our tool with the most people and create a new standard in the industry. (See what we did there?) Our Pro plan allows founders to make critical decisions and reduce total time spent on investor relations, and we think thats worth something.

Is my data secure?

Incued has SOC 2 certification. SOC 2 compliance is a third-party certification which confirms that Incued has controls in place that meet industry standards for security, privacy, availability, confidentiality and processing integrity on how customer data is managed.

How often is the data refreshed?

Reports or investor updates are pulled on a monthly basis with the preceding years' numbers.

Who sees this data?

Startup founders or operators may give stakeholders read-only access to their company data. A portfolio company will see only their own financial data and can control access to their financial data. Incued does not have access to this data.